Sonoma State Student Center Could Bankrupt the Campus

According to the new report Chronicle XIX: Student Center Update by former Social Science dean Robert Karlsrud and associates, “the student center would put SSU even more over the debt threshold established by the CSU Chancellor’s Office. The report questions the ability of SSU to pay the all the debts for both the Green Music Center and a new student union building. CSU Executive Order 944 requires the campus CFO to annually review the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR). As of June 2010, SSU’s DSCR was 1.4, which is greater then the required DSCR limit of 1.35. Chronicle XIX asks how can the campus get away with adding even more debt?

Additionally, the report calls the student election last semester to increase fees on campus by $300 a year an “embarrassment”…”the disproportional access to resources, the control of information, and the censorship of the those possessing opposing views were visible to all.”

With ambitions by the SSU administration to make Sonoma State a Public Ivy, the campus has admitted increasingly larger freshmen classes in order to fill the dorms and make money off the meal plans and campus sales. This makes it even more difficult for local students who live at home, and older transfer student to get into SSU.

For now a threatened law suit has postponed the groundbreaking for the student center, however the Administration is planning an end-run around a new election by the students and substituting a focus group consultation process that they will control to justify the $300 a year increase in student fees.

The full Chronicle XIX is posted below.

Chronicle XIX Student Center Update

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